13 de novembro de 2006

José Manuel Barroso. Message to everybody

SEXA, há Message to everybody do Presidente da Comissão que assina José Manuel Barroso. Estilo diferente do antecessor.


Message to everybody

Subject: Meeting for Commission staff with the President of the European Commission, 16 November 2006

Dear colleagues,

Following the launch of the Commission’s Work Programme for 2007, I want to meet with a broad cross section of Commission staff to listen and discuss your ideas and thoughts. I would also like to set out my vision for the challenging period ahead. As you know, in addition to welcoming Bulgaria and Romania into the EU, 2007 will be an especially significant year, marking the 50th anniversary of the signature of the Treaties of Rome.

To that end, I would like to organise a forum for staff from across the Commission, which will take place in the Charlemagne S3 conference room from 11h00 – 13h00 on 16 November 2006.

As you know, I cannot meet as many people as I would like in person. Given the size of the conference room, each Directorate General has been allocated a quota of places according to the size of the DGs and has been asked to fill it up in a fair way that produces a balanced representation of colleagues. All Directors General and Heads of Service received a note explaining this at the end of October.

If you aren’t one of those who attend in person, you can still follow the event. The whole event will be broadcast live on IntraComm via web streaming, so you can watch it on your PC simply by clicking on a link which will appear on the IntraComm homepage that morning. There will also be a video-conference link for staff in Luxembourg.

In order to help structure the discussion, I have identified a number of key themes on which we can focus:

o How to modernise the European economy and equip Europe with the capacity to respond to the challenge of globalisation.
o Internal market review. Better regulation
o European energy policy; meeting demand sustainably.
o How can we help to make Europe a better place to live?
o Enlargement and institutional reform. Where do we go next?

In order to ensure a spontaneous, genuine and open discussion we will take questions directly from the floor.

I hope you will join me, either in person or on line, in what I hope will be a stimulating and useful discussion about issues that matter to us all.

José Manuel Barroso

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