15 de setembro de 2010

Catherine Ashton é adequada

Para que conste, aqui fica a delaração de Catherine Ashton a justificar a escolha de 27 nomeações para chefias de delegões externas da UE, uma transferência de chefe, uma nomeação de sub-chefia e a exclusão de candidatos para duas chefias e uma sub-chefia.
Palavras de Catherine Ashton
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"As promised to member states, the European Parliament and EU citizens, I have appointed the best people for the right jobs. I am extremely pleased by the calibre of those who applied for the posts.

I have consistently asked member states and the EU institutions to put forward the brightest and best that Europe has to offer and I hope this will continue to be the case as we build the new European External Action Service, because EU citizens deserve to be represented by the best that Europe has to offer.

I am pleased that we have made a start to address the important issues of geographical and gender balance. These appointments show an improvement in both, but there is more to do. I will be discussing with member states how we can continue to improve and achieve my ambition of a service that is truly representative and appointed on merit."