9 de outubro de 2006

Coreia do Norte. Posição de Londres

Temos a honra de transmitir a VEXA a declaração hoje proferida em Londres por Margaret Beckett, homóloga de SEXA Luís Amado. Oportunamente transmitiremos o que foi dito em Paris. Acrescenta-se que em qualquer capital nada obriga a que corrija República Popular da Coreia para República Popular Democrática da Coreia.


O que Margaret Beckett disse

I would like to update you further on the position following this morning's nuclear test in North Korea. As you may know, there is still some doubt about the exact nature of this test, but given North Korea's stated intention last week, it does appear likely that it was a nuclear test.

As the Prime Minister and I both made clear this morning, this was a highly irresponsible and provocative act by North Korea.

The world is united in condemnation. North Korea's action is in direct defiance of the will of the International Community coming as it does just days after the United Nations Presidency statement last week, which urged North Korea not to carry out its declared intention to test a nuclear device.

Comments today by world leaders, nuclear experts and international organisations have shown just how isolated North Korea is.

The Security Council is currently meeting in New York. We will work closely with our partners on the Security Council in taking forward the International Community's response. For our part, the UK will be pushing for a robust response under Chapter 7 of the Charter.

Put simply, this means we shall be pushing for sanctions against North Korea. Under Security Council Resolution 1695 which was agreed in July there exists already a sanctions regime which requires all states to prevent missile-related items being transferred to or from North Korea.

Any new sanctions would clearly have to go further than this. They should make it clear to North Korea that it must return to the six party talks, and stop disregarding the concerns of its neighbours and the international community.

I have spoken today with Foreign Ministers including Chinese Foreign Minister Li. Those contacts will continue over the hours and days ahead.

This issue underlines the scale of the counter-proliferation threat that we face world-wide. The International Community must work together to overcome this threat to peace and security.

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